Meike Ziervogel/Writer


Praise for KAUTHAR

‘This is a novel that cuts into the heart of a modern taboo – the white British female who chooses to become a Muslim – with sensitivity and insight… Meike Ziervogel grew up in Germany and came to London to study Arabic; her strong, spare writing cuts to the heart of a shocking story.’

Kate Saunders, THE TIMES

'Ziervogel writes with insight and fluency, articulating a profound empathy with those at the extreme reaches of their endurance. Searingly contemporary, Kauthar sketches out a humane and subtle counterpoint to the distorted debate surrounding religious radicalisation, and in doing so is resonant and timely.'

Lettie Kennedy, OBSERVER


Meike's 4th novel, THE PHOTOGRAPHER, is out now, published May 2017.

'Few books have the ability to move the reader in the first pages, as The Photographer does... Ziervogel makes us question ideas of innocence and blame during fraught times ... Through her quiet exploration of the domestic lives of refugees, Meike Ziervogel shows us the less visilbe effects of war, and the ways in which it can corrupt and change us.'